Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sony Vaio - Fingerprint Sensor Not Working (and still doesn't)

8/8 - See poster's comment on another Vaio issue for a method to resolve fingerprint sensor problems:

6/20 - Comcast's (Xfinity) new Constant Gaurd Protection Suite really messed this up. Had to remove the Fingerprint Sensor from launching at Startup until I find time to resolve. :(

6/19 - It appears this issue started after I installed Comcast's (Xfinity) new Constant Gaurd Protection Suite. Although I've uninstalled and rolled back my system to remove the Constant Guard Protection Suite. The fingerprint sensor continues to be inoperable and flash annoying messages. Not happy with Xfinity. Still looking for a fix.

6/18 - Stopped working again. It's sporadic. I do not yet have a fix yet but am working on it. :(

6/16 - This took awhile to find the fix - and several reboots after installing this software, but click here on Sony's support website to download the software that will make this start working again*. Of course you'll need to select your own Laptop/PC version (this link goes straight to the one I have). After installation, and reboot, it will seem like it is not working. After the 2nd reboot I could finally access the fingerprint assignment settings in the lower right-tray by right clicking on the icon. The next time I rebooted I got: touchstrip fingerprint sensor is installing drivers. That happened twice.

Finally I'm not getting that message any more at start-up that said something like this: No biometric device was detected. Please connect or enable the biometric device to initialize the fingerprint sofware.

*or here's where I started to find the correct installation software, patch, driver for the Protector Suite QL Software:

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  1. I was also facing a similar problem and it was really becoming an headache.You have explained the problem very well.Your blog helped me resolve my problem too.Thanks

  2. I am also facing the similar problem with my Sony vaio VGN-SZ3XWP/C and my problem is resolved by taking online Sony VAIO Support.


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