Monday, June 13, 2011

If your Laptop is Stolen 1 - Mozy

Hopefully I'll never need this, but just-in-case, safekeeping it here. I backup my system with Mozy and totally recommend it. It's wonderful to never again have to think about something being backed up. Inevitably the time you need a backup (because everything disappeared after the crash) is the time you discover it's been two months since the last time you did one. 

What to do if your computer was stolen

"If your laptop was stolen and you would like it back, Mozy can help.

Under certain circumstances Mozy can help locate a stolen laptop by tracing the IP address of the last backup. It is important that you do not install Mozy on a new computer until after the IP trace is complete.

 To acquire the IP address:

  • Contact your local law enforcement, and create a police report.
  • Open a case with Mozy Support requesting an IP trace.
  • Have the police station fax a IP trace request to Mozy, (801) 443-1801. The trace request must be addressed to the Mozy Support Specialist assigned to your support case.
Note: For security reasons an IP address can only be released to the investigating police officer. A notification will be added to your case when the IP trace has been faxed to the police station."

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