Sunday, June 19, 2011

How to Add a Flickr Photo to your Blog (with a link back to your Flickr Photo)

There are 2 methods to put a picture in your blog and Hyperlink to Flickr when the photo is clicked. The results are the same no matter which method you choose.

Method #1 is to click on the 'down-arrow' in the Share section above the photo in Flickr, and copy the html code under "Grab the HTML/BBCode" to your Blog (switch to 'Edit HTML' mode and just paste it where you want it).

Blue bird flies Free
Blue bird flies Free
Clearly this bird used to be domesticated. He was definitely doing a happy dance. Tony's Seafood Restaurant (Marshall, CA).
Method #2 is to upload the photo, and then go into the HTML code and replace what's after the "a href=" with your photo's URL. But if you aren't comfortable with that, stick with the 1st method above.

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