Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to Import Facebook Email Addresses into Yahoo Mail or Outlook (or other email client)

Here is the EASY multi-step process to import your Facebook friends' email addresses:

1- Click to go to Yahoo's Email Address Import Tool and click the Facebook icon.

2- Click 'Okay' for "Do you want to share your contacts with Yahoo!"

3- All your Facebook emails are now in Yahoo*.

4- If you now want these in Outlook, click the Yahoo Email Address Export Tool and choose the program you want to Export to (Microsoft Outlook, Netscape/Thunderbird, Yahoo CSV, vCard Single File, .VCF)

*If your Facebook emails are not able to import, go into Facebook and select: Account (upper right hand corner) > Privacy Settings > "Edit your Settings" under "Apps and Websites" (lower left hand corner) > "Remove" under "Apps you use" and remove the Yahoo! Contact Importer (by clicking the little x beside "Edit settings" for that App).

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