Monday, October 26, 2009

Top 8 Programs That Can Make Your Computer Run Faster

Top 8 Programs That Can Make Your Computer Run Faster

Oct 26, 2009 ... It's a common problem among computer users: after a few months, our computers become weighed down by programs and all sorts of other junk, ...

Google Chrome - Form Fill-in Add-on

LastPass is an online form filler and password manager which got some high marks from us in a previous post. For error free performance, switch off Chrome’s inbuilt password manager (Wrench Icon – Options – Personal Stuff) and Form Autofill under the same tab.

Thanks:  Securely Synchronize Your Browser Passwords With LastPass 10 Cool Extensions for Google Chrome

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boommarklet to find similar Web Pages

iWeavr – Interesting bookmarklet that makes it easy to discover similar or related site to any webpage you’re currently browsing. It’s an excellent browsing companion for those who follow news online. For example, when you are visiting a news site like, clicking on the bookmarklet will display similar news sites, sites linking to that particular page you’re reading , and latest articles from the website. Read more: iWeavr – Cool Browsing Companion For A News Junkie

Thanks: Cool Websites and Tools [October 17]

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Free Screen Capture Tool (Instead of SnagIt)

Vista has a built in screen capture tool.  You can attach images to email (copies to the clipboard, and saves it as a file).  Search "Snipping Tool" in your Vista search box (you can get a search box when you click the Start). button).

How to transfer 'Blogger' blogs between two accounts

In blog you want to transfer:

Settings, Permissions, ADD AUTHORS, Invite, (invited accepts), grant admin privileges, remove previous author.

Thanks to:

--I also see under settings "Import blog - Export blog - Delete blog" - so maybe something there will do this too.

Printer Driver - HP Deskjet D4100

Download basic driver - HP_Vista_D4100_Ph1.exe

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Change Power Settings in Visa

CHANGE VIA:  Control Panel > Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings

Standby puts your computer into energy-saving mode, where it uses very little power.

Hibernate saves your workspace (all your open windows), then turns the computer off.
The difference is that hibernate saves more energy because the computer goes off completely, but it takes longer for the computer to wake up from hibernation, so it's not as convenient.

Sleep initially means Standby, but it switches to Hibernate if the battery level drops too low (laptop) or the computer has been sleeping for more than three hours (both desktops & laptops).You can change the 3-hour period to something else in Settings > Power Options.

In the basic sleep mode, the computer enters a low power-consumption mode, keeping programs and data state in memory; in hybrid sleep mode, the computer enters a low power-consumption mode, keeping programs and data state in memory but also writes the memory content to disk, which means in the event of a power outage the computer's state can be recovered from the disk version of the memory state. Hybrid sleep takes slightly longer to go into low power-mode because the memory content has to be written to disk. On my computer, sleep takes 2 seconds to enter, whereas hybrid sleep takes 16 seconds. The extra 14 seconds is worth it to avoid losing data in the event of a power outage.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Change Google Email Password

Verizon Blackberry - Change Email Settings (also Signature, Font, Menus)

Add/delete E-mail accounts, change signature:
  1. Show all desktop apps.
  2. Choose "E-mail Settings"
Change font size or Menu (short vs. full):
  1. Options
  2. Screen/Keyboard
  3. Font Size (recommend "9")

Block Facebook Spam

Facebook finally added the "Block Application" option.

Change billing account for PG&E

How to sign up for automatic payment of your PG&E bill:
- Go to
- Click on "For My Home" or "For My Business"
- Login to "My Account" (can set one up here too if don't already have one)
- Click the "Billing" link located on the left-side bar
- Click the "Set Up Automatic Payment" link
- Click the "View/Change" link and make changes as necessary
- Click "Continue"
- Verify your changes and click "Change Automatic Payment"

If you also want to cancel a payment at this time, click on
"Billing/Payment History" to review the payment status. Payments in the
"scheduled" status may be canceled; however, any payments in the "paid"
status cannot be canceled. A payment with an asterisk will be paid
according to your Automatic Payment instructions.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Where's Window Explorer?

Go to Start Menu, All Programs, then Accessories.

Windows Welcome Center Screen is here too.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flickr: Change Tags

First select "Your Tags":

Then,  "Change this tag":

Flickr: Mass Add Tags to Photos

To add tags to a group of pictures (vs. one by one):

  1. Open Flickr
  2. Click "Organize"
  3. Add a set or some pictures
  4. Click "Add tags":

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Flickr: Mass Remove Tags from Photos

To remove tags in bulk (vs. one by one):
1. Login into Flickr
2. Type in this link into the address bar of your browser: (Of course, change tagtodelete to the actual tag that you want removed from your pictures.)
You will get a confirmation screen:
Delete this tag?

3. Confirm to delete the tag

Mailto: link is not opening my default email program

This fix is done in IE but the fix will result in all browsers (Chrome, etc.) being fixed.

In IE go to Tools > Internet Options > Set Programs > Set program access and computer defaults > Custom (and select the downward facing chevrons to the right of "Custom" > Windows Mail (under Choose a default e-mail program).

To test:
Click Start -> Run and type "" (without the quotation marks) in the "Open" box.  This replicates what happens when you click on an e-mail link on a web page.

Who helped:

Get your Flickr photos to show up in your Facebook profile

Uploads in Flickr will automatically post on Facebook as thumbnail images that your friends can click on through to Flickr.
"Here is a caveat: it doesn’t always work automatically. I often have to go to my Facebook profile and click Settings (the one with the gear icon) below my status entry field. Then I have to click Update next to the Flickr import link. I often have to click this three times before it actually imports my latest photo links."

Thanks to:

More from flickr:

Why aren't my new uploads showing on Facebook?
After you have activated the link, photos marked as safe and public will appear in the feeds. Videos currently won't appear although we are hoping to add this in the future.
If your new safe & public photos fail to appear after linking your accounts, try manually updating your feed from within Facebook as follows:

  • Log into Facebook and go to your Profile
  • Under the "Whats' on your mind" status field, click 'Options' (just below the 'Share' button)
  • That word will change into 'Settings' - click that
  • You will see Flickr in the imported sites area
  • to update, click the Flickr link and tell it to update now
For more help with this feature, please contact Facebook support.

Flickr's App Garden
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