Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Change billing account for PG&E

How to sign up for automatic payment of your PG&E bill:
- Go to www.pge.com
- Click on "For My Home" or "For My Business"
- Login to "My Account" (can set one up here too if don't already have one)
- Click the "Billing" link located on the left-side bar
- Click the "Set Up Automatic Payment" link
- Click the "View/Change" link and make changes as necessary
- Click "Continue"
- Verify your changes and click "Change Automatic Payment"

If you also want to cancel a payment at this time, click on
"Billing/Payment History" to review the payment status. Payments in the
"scheduled" status may be canceled; however, any payments in the "paid"
status cannot be canceled. A payment with an asterisk will be paid
according to your Automatic Payment instructions.

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