Saturday, October 3, 2009

Get your Flickr photos to show up in your Facebook profile

Uploads in Flickr will automatically post on Facebook as thumbnail images that your friends can click on through to Flickr.
"Here is a caveat: it doesn’t always work automatically. I often have to go to my Facebook profile and click Settings (the one with the gear icon) below my status entry field. Then I have to click Update next to the Flickr import link. I often have to click this three times before it actually imports my latest photo links."

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Why aren't my new uploads showing on Facebook?
After you have activated the link, photos marked as safe and public will appear in the feeds. Videos currently won't appear although we are hoping to add this in the future.
If your new safe & public photos fail to appear after linking your accounts, try manually updating your feed from within Facebook as follows:

  • Log into Facebook and go to your Profile
  • Under the "Whats' on your mind" status field, click 'Options' (just below the 'Share' button)
  • That word will change into 'Settings' - click that
  • You will see Flickr in the imported sites area
  • to update, click the Flickr link and tell it to update now
For more help with this feature, please contact Facebook support.

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