Friday, June 3, 2011

SMS Message Retrieval from Blackberry

Great tool to retrieve text messages from your phone. Thanks to Please refer to that site to download the utility.

"The ipddump is a utility that enables the user to... extract records from a Blackberry backup, which is an IPD (Inter@ctive Pager Backup) file."

Digital-QA is also posting the steps below (to be performed after downloading the utility) in case something happens to the site:

Desktop Version

1.Connect your Blackberry and open the Desktop Manager.
2.Click Device > Backup
3.Select the data you want to save (SMS Messages).
4.Give it a file name and tell it what directory to place the file.
5.Click "Backup".
6.Open the ipddump application.
7.Select File > Open and open the file that you just downloaded.

I like to save as .CSV files and open via Excel. Then you can sort on any attribute (e.g. phone number that sent the text) and delete what you don't want to keep.

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