Saturday, July 9, 2011

Change GoDaddy Email Address Passwords

This is always tough to find. Here's where to change the passwords on your GoDaddy Email Accounts:
  1. On click on My Account in upper right corner
  2. Click on Email under MY PRODUCTS in left rail
  3. Click on Manage Account beside the email account you'd like to access
  4. You are now in EMAIL CONTROL CENTER
  5. Click on that email address under "Address" in the body of that web page
  6. A dialog box will open. You can change your email address password here (and you don't need to recall your old password). This is also where you can make the email address a catchall.
Now you can setup Outlook to retrieve your GoDaddy email (GoDaddy has a nifty wizard),
or access via the GoDaddy Web-based email

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