Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blogger - How to Remove too much Space between Paragraphs

Here's how to remove that extra space:

In Compose mode (not HTML), select everything, then click the T with the red X on it on the toolbar.

Then manually delete the extra lines. Now there is only one line between paragraphs.

It may still look like lots of space but is definitely less and is truly equivalent to the other lines. :)

UPDATE 7/20/2011: Realize that's only a fix for a single blog post and am looking for a "permanent" fix. I just adjusted this setting and hoping that works: Select Dashboard, Settings, Formatting, and change "Convert line breaks" to "Yes". Will let you know...

UPDATE 3/31/2012: Not had a chance to look at this but this looks promising. Look at the toolbar at the top of the post. It is possible your text is not set to Normal and that is what is causing the extra spaces:

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  1. Thanks for these tips- they were very helpful!

  2. thanks so much! I've gone thru a lot of web tips but your post was most helpful for a beginner like me! *bow

  3. i have done it beautiful but that is with css method will try yours as well

  4. Thanx so much for the tip. Google always do what they want and not what the blogger needs. A blogger to them is not a priority I guess.

  5. How can I increase space between for my paragraphs in template. May I?


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