Saturday, January 21, 2012

Enable Right-click for Images in Chrome

UPDATE 9/15/2012:

Chrome has changed since when I posted the below. Go here first to turn off JavaScript (required to make right-click work when it's not enabled), and then come back and continue reading below.


If a web page has the right click disabled, you can enable it by turning off JavaScript (you'll enable it again later in these instructions):

by Tomoya Kawasaki (Google Employee):

"to turn javascript off and on
go to the tool tab at the top
Click on "Options"
Go to "Under The Hood"
Click on "Content Settings"
Click on the "JavaScript" tab"

That's all I had to do, and then re-enabled it afterwards, but here's more if needed:

"As for clearing the cache instead of clicking on "Content Settings"
Click on "Clear Browsing Data" on that same screen
You may find that JavaScript is already on so you may have to download the newer version"

Thanks and source:

Alternatively with the mouse, I've been able to hover to the right of the image, right click and hold, drag the mouse over the image (the image will turn slightly transparent blue), then let go, and hold cursor on the blue (without clicking!) and right click, and then copy. You've now captured it and can paste it elsewhere. If the right click didn't work, just let go of the mouse while the image is still blued and CTRL+C (for copy). 

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