Friday, May 27, 2011

Roomba Vacuum - Deleting Scheduled Cleaning Time

To Delete a Schedule
1. Turn ON your Roomba by pressing CLEAN.
2. Press SCHEDULE.
3. Press DAY to look through the scheduled cleaning times.
4. When your Roomba is displaying the scheduled cleaning time you want to delete, press HOUR until --:-- is displayed. Press OK to save changes.
5. To delete all schedules, press DAY for 5 seconds.
Source: iRobot CustomerCare Website

Now if someone can just tell me how to empty the bin without setting the scheduler every single time!

My Roomba, which I love, love, love: iRobot Roomba® 780

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  1. Roombas are great... One of the best inventions in a long time :)

    1. So true! It is one of the top 3 things I can not live without. :) 3 Things I can't Live Without


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