Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to Uninstall VAIO Messenger

Here is how to uninstall VAIO Messenger.

First, note you can simply change the types of messages received: Click on the Settings option in the Start / All Programs / VAIO Messenger menu and uncheck those you do not want to receive. You can uncheck all and thus receive none. However the VAIO Messenger will still be running in the background. Another option may be to simply remove it from the startup folder. Haven't tried that.

[My notes are in red.]


There are two programs you must uninstall in order to completely remove VAIO Messenger. They are VAIO Messenger, and Oasis2service, the service which delivers updates to VAIO Messenger.

If you uninstall VAIO Messenger and the associated service, you will no longer be able to receive critical messages from Sony regarding your PC. [Not sure if that's so critical.]

VAIO Messenger and the Oasis2Service may be uninstalled from the Programs and Features section of the Control Panel.

1) Click on Start menu button and select Control Panel, then select Programs & Features
2) In Programs and Features, click on VAIO Messenger to select the application.
3) Click on Uninstall to uninstall VAIO Messenger.  [A webpage for DDNi will launch in a browser window I just simply closed it, and notice the uninstall program is still in progress.]
4) Click on Oasis2Service to select this service.
5) Click on Uninstall to uninstall Oasis2Service.*
6) Once uninstall is complete, it is recommended you reboot your PC

Source and thanks to: http://www.ddni.com/vmsupport/documents/VAIOMessengerHelp0611.pdf

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  1. I tried all the above, and when I uninstall Oasis2Service, it automatically RE-INSTALLS!

  2. I also can't remove VAIO messenger, but I already removed the Oasis2Service.I already went on the whole control panel idea to uninstall the messenger but it won't let me!!! What do I do????

  3. Great worked! Thx! Uninstall Messenger first.


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