Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to Set-up your Free Email Account in

It always takes me quite awhile to figure this out whenever I purchase a new domain name from so instructions from the email they send are here: Tell Me How To: Set up my FREE personalized email account and also below: To Set Up an Email Address Log in to your Account Manager. In the My Products section, click Email. To use a free email credit when the Email option does not display in your My Products section, click Free Products, click Email Account List, click Use Credit, select the domain you want to use from the list, and then click Continue. The account displays as a new account in the Email Account list. Click Manage Account for the email account you want to manage. If an option to add addresses or view all email plans displays, click View All. Click Add for the plan to which you want to add an email address. The Add Email page displays. In the Add Email section, select whether you are using a domain registered or hosted with us or a domain registered or hosted elsewhere, and then in the Email Address field, enter the first part of the email address that you want to create and specify the domain. (Optional) In the Forward Carbon Copy area, enter the email address to which you want message copies sent. Separate multiple addresses with a comma. (Optional) Make a Catchall Account which automatically forwards email messages sent to an unknown address at your domain to this account. (Optional) In the Set Auto-Responder area, set an automatic response to be sent upon receipt of emails to this account. Setting Up Your Email in Microsoft Outlook 2007 Setting Up Microsoft Entourage to Access your Email Account

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