Friday, April 10, 2009

Internet Explorer keeps Crashing

This works - Resetting everything in IE: Per JohnUSAF - 22-May-2008, 12:19 PM "Typically when I have an IE problem I try to reset everything. What you can do is click on start find your IE icon, right click on it, choose properties. In the menu that comes up delete all temp files, clear history, and delete cookies. Then go to the advanced tab and reset all settings (using reset button). If this doesn't work disable all add-ons (on the programs tab) and see if IE will run. If it does you pretty much know you have a bad add-on somewhere. So the next step is to enable updates one-by-one until you can reproduce the error, then you know which add-on is bad and then disable/uninstall it. There is nothing special about IE it's just an HTML reader and nothing else." Thanks JohnUSAF!

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