Saturday, November 17, 2012

Easy Instructions for setting Gymboss Timer

This is how I set up the Gymboss to simply beep every 30 seconds. (You can modify of course.)

All buttons are labeled on the device: NEXT and CHANGE across the top, START on the side.

Here's the Setup (note if there are no inputs for 20 seconds timer will exit setup):
  1. Push CHANGE 
  2. You'll see the word SETUP in the screen
  3. Push NEXT
  4. Push CHANGE until you see only 1 set of Times in the window.
  5. Push NEXT
  6. Push CHANGE to change the first digit of the time (00:00)
  7. Push NEXT and CHANGE again to move through all 4 digits (I like 00:30)
  8. Push NEXT
  9. Push CHANGE to set to 00 (timer goes off every X seconds until you stop it or 99 times max)
  10. Push CHANGE to set the timer to BH for High Beep sound (or BL low beep, V vibrate)
  11. Push NEXT
  12. Push CHANGE for 1 (1 second alarm duration
To STOP the timer, hold the START button for 3 seconds
To PAUSE the timer, push START 3 times within 2 seconds.
To RESUME the timer, push START

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  1. Thank you Becky. I searched and searched, and knew only failure, until I read this! I hope you have a wonderful week, and thank you again. John. (Also from S.F.)


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