Saturday, June 30, 2012

How Many Subscribers to my Blog?

This is how to see your Feedburner RSS Stats. This assumes you've subscribed to your own blog of course.
  1. Go to your RSS reader (I use Google Reader so your instructions may be different) and click on your blog in the left panel so that it's the only blog showing in the reading pane.
  2. Click "Feed Settings" (see screenshot below - it's just to the top of your feed), "View details and statistics". Here you can see your number of subscribers.

Feedburner also gives stats, but it provides only estimates while the above is actual. Not sure how to use Feedburner data, but here are the links anyway. There's other good to know stuff behind these Feedburner links too.

The 'estimate' number of subscribers for your RSS feed, and more, can be found here:

Troubleshoot Feedburner here:

Instructions on how to create an RSS feed for your blog are behind that first link too.

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