Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blackberry - How to disable Automatic Device Application Update during Sync

After a re-install of BlackBerry desktop, I noticed that each time I sync'd there would be an automatic device application check and update. So each time I stabilized a version, a new one would sneak in and my settings would no longer be as expected.

Finally, this is what works (2/27/2010):

You will need to remove the Blackberry Desktop Application (sorry, you really do... #fail by Blackberry) and re-install it (simply modifying the program will not work - more on that later), being careful to do these two things during the install:

1- Click the icon next to "BlackBerry Automatic Update" and change it to "This feature will not be available."
2- Later on in the installation, un-check "Check for software updates."

This article explains why (has to do with temporary files unavailable if you simply try to modify the program):;jsessionid=A480A2C982DC0E65C72C2DB3F691040A

Thanks JerryD!

(The info in this next link did not work for me, but saving for reference:

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