Monday, June 22, 2009

Use Blackberry Curve (8330) as Modem

UPDATE: 9/4/2011:
The option to start using your phone as a modem is no longer available via the app. You must call Verizon after downloading the app and have them start it for you.

Get your data usage here:

To use the app, your phone must be tethered via cable to laptop (or Blutooth can work too).

VZAccess Manager 
  1. Ensure you are using the latest version of VZAccess Manager. Visit VZAccess Manager's website to download the newest software. 
    • If using an older version of VZAccess Manager, you may encounter errors trying to connect. If this occurs, settings in specific versions of VZAccess Manager may need to be changed.
    • In VZAccess Manager, select Options.
    • Select Preferences.
    • Click on the Get Access tab.
    • Select DayPass or Trial Service.
    • Click OK
  2. Run VZAccess Manager and follow screen prompts for activation. 
  3. Complete the Account Information & Billing Address fields. 
  4. For payment, select Pay with Credit Card or Pay with Verizon Wireless Gift Card or DayPass Card. 
  5. Enter your Credit Card information or Gift Card/DayPass Card Number and PIN from the back of your DayPass card. Click Submit
  6. Click Disconnect
  7. Close browser.
  8. Click Start, then VZAccess Manager, then Connect.

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