Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to make the Cents Sign (¢)

It's not straigtforward. Unsure why applications don't simply enable this more easily.

First, two alternative ways to make the Cents Sign (¢) in a document like Word:
  • Hold down Ctrl, then the "/", let go and type "c" (CTRL+"/", "C"), or
  • Type 00A2 and then ALT X
    • I actually recorded a macro so that ALT C inputs the ¢
Or, if your computer recognizes Unicode characters:
  1. On your keypad press and hold the Alt key
  2. Press 1 5 5 (Note if you don't have a keypad see below. You can't use the numbers across the top row of your keyboard)
  3. Let go of the Alt key: "¢" appears
If you don't have a keypad, you'll need to use the numbers that are on your keys (the ones that share a key with a letter, not the ones across the top. For example my "J" can also be a "1"). Generally this is done by something like this:
  1. Press the Num Lock key (Num Lk) to turn on your number pad.
  2. Once the numberpad is active, follow the 3 steps above.
  3. Be sure to tap your Num Lock key again to turn off number pad when you're done.
If that doesn't work, you'll need to simply cut/paste: CTRL+C the text you want to copy e.g. ¢, then CTRL+V to paste into your document.

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