Monday, October 12, 2020

Stop Excel from Flashing "CALCULATING" Continuously

If your Excel spreadsheet constantly flashes "CALCULATING" in the bottom status bar, it's possible calls are being made out to a third party. This happened to me when I realized calls to get stock quotes were pinging every 10 seconds or so. To remedy that I created a helper cell. When the value in that cell is "1", calls are made. If not "1" no calls are made.

Thus for example, my TDA Ameritrade call script to get a stock quote looks like this:

        =IF($A$1=1,RTD("tos.rtd",,"LAST",A2),"Not live")

When cell A1 = 1, quotes are updating
When cell A1 does not = 1, "Not live" is displayed

One final note: If you have multiple spreadsheets open, the spreadsheet that's flashing "CALCULATING" is not necessarily the one with the live script, so close them all and work on them one at the time.

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