Friday, February 20, 2015

Turn on F keys on Lenovo Yoga Laptop

To turn on Legacy F keys (F1 to F12) on your Lenovo Yoga laptop so that they are the default without pressing the FN key first:
  1. Shutdown laptop
  2. Press the 'reset' (with paper clip) located to the right of the on/off button
  3. Select BIOS mode
  4. Select Configuration
  5. Select Hotkey Mode and disable that
  6. Exit by pressing Fn + F10
Restart and you should now be able to use the F keys directly!

Update 3/17/2015--
If you do this you'll notice the Escape key now requires a combo stroke (Fn+Esc) since you've effectively reversed the functions of the top row keys. (Curse you Lenovo.) The only way I found to make this less awkward was to redefine the F1 key as my Esc key too. And the only way I found to do that was through a 3rd party download (KeyTweak) which worked fine. It's really quite ridiculous Lenovo.

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