Saturday, June 7, 2014

Remove Bing as Default Search Engine

Somehow Bing became my default search engine in Internet Explorer. To make Google your default search engine do this:
  1. Go to If Google is not your search engine, it will ask you (at the top of the web page) if you would like to make Google your default search engine, select 'Yes'.
  2. Next I would do the following steps (although you don't have to):
    1. Open internet explorer
    2. Click on tools
    3. Select internet options
    4. In general tab, and under search tab, click on settings
    5. Click on search providers
    6. You should see Google selected as the default if you did step #1 above.
    7. Highlight the bing search engine and then select remove
    8. Click on close and then ok
    9. Restart explorer
And if you're on IE 10.0:

Select the Gear icon, then Manage Add-Ons, then Search Providers. From there, you should be able to select Google as your default service.

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