Sunday, June 2, 2013

Music for your Blog - Easy Setup via SCM Music Player

Found this great music player. Super easy setup to add a music bar to your website or blog. You can see mine at the bottom of this page. I have it set to not automatically play. Completely customizable (skin, color, volume, repeat mode, editable playlist, etc.).

SCM Music Player is a free and open source web music player, that brings a seamless music experience to your website. Support Tumblr, Blogger and various blogs.
  • Continous Playback Cross Pages - Seamless playback throughout your website.
  • Full Featured Control - Play, pause, next, previous, seek, shuffle, repeat mode, volume and more.
  • Custom Skins - Match your look and feel. Choose or design your own skin with CSS.
  • Dynamic Playlist - Music from various sources: MP3, SoundCloud, Youtube, RSS in HTML5 or Flash.
  • Flexible UI - Dockable player on top or bottom. Playlist can be toggled.
  • Setup Wizard - Create your SCM Music Player without any pain.

The Setup Wizard will guide through each to tab to choose:

SkinEdit Playlist, and Configure Settings.

  • Returning user? Select Import Profile, to load up and edit your current script.
  • After going through the wizard:

    Paste the code into your HTML template, right under  or
    (Tumblr user: go to Customize appearance > Edit HTML)
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