Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nespresso DeLonghi Espresso Machine - How to Clean

First, I LOVE this machine!!! Low maintenance, and a fresh cup every time. No need to buy a bag of beans that will never be fresh after opening for that first cup. And, it looks cool too.

Cleaning instruction after frothing (click the image to enlarge it, or simply read the text underneath the snapshot):

  1. Place a container under the milk spout.
  2. Press and hold the CLEAN button (its's on top of the frother) until machine stops pumping automatically. Milk recipe buttons blink: rinsing process approximately 10 seconds. Steady light: rinsing process finished.
  3. Disconnect the frothing unit from the machine and place in the refridgerator. Close the steam connector door on the machine. (Note: This milk should not be kept for more than 2 days).
  4. All the milk container components are dishwasherproof. Wash them 2X a week.

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  1. Coffees must be specially blended to produce the smoothness, aromatics and sweetness inherent in good espresso. However, the blend should be freshly ground and brewed within four days from roasting.


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