Saturday, May 26, 2012

I won't install Xfinity's EasySolve!

After the incredible nightmare from installing Xfinity's last online tool, Constant Guard, I will not be installing this. My Constant Guard post is still one of the highest viewed posts each day, and has the largest number of negative comments of all posts here on

Be wary of Comcast's new EasySolve!

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  1. Just installed Easy Solve this past weekend. Had 2 bluescreen crash notices- 1st yesterday, again today. opened in safe mode & clicked constant guard and got immediate blue screen. I'm no computer techie by any means but since I haven't added anything for a very long time to my computer and this is 1st ever blue screen since I have owned this computer, I made the connection before I saw your post. Thanks for sharing your info. Heads up to others out there.

    1. I feel your pain. :( Hope you have been able to back-out of EasySolve.


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