Friday, April 6, 2012

How to report Sites that copy your Blog Content

The great post below shows you how to inform Google to investigate a web site that is scraping your blog and posting it in its entirety.

It's on old blog but the access method still works (basically find an ad on the sleazy site and click the "AdChoices" link generally in the lower left corner).

Source and thanks: kuanhoong dot com » How to report duplicate content to Google

Sites that copy your blog content:

http://export contacts . blogspot. com/ - Especially egregious. No contact info whatsoever on this ad laden site that's geared for users to 'accidentally' click ads.

UPDATE 4/11/2012 - Google has taken the site down. Thanks Google!
UPDATE 4/12/2012 - The site is back up. There's now an email address which I emailed. Bounced back. Everything about this site is sleazy.

What are the others?

3/25/2012: Remove your Blog from Blogger-Index - This site also posts blogs in their entirety.

UPDATE 8/27/2012: Just came across this author with more good ideas on handling content scrapers: Content Scrapers – How to Find Out Who is Stealing Your Content & What to Do About It 

12/5/2014 - SEE ALSO: Report Scraped Content to Google - New Form!

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