Sunday, March 25, 2012

Remove your Blog from Blogger-Index (which is not Affiliated with Google)

It was weird to see my blog posted in it's entirety on the Blogger-Index website. If you use Blogger you will likely see your blog in its entirety there too.

This company is not affiliated with Blogger or Google and I found several complaints about this company, e.g. here on this blogger forum, "Is affiliated with Google/Blogger?"

You can ask them to remove your blog by clicking on the "Remove my Blog" at the bottom of the page on which you see your blog. Blogger-Index puts in a speedbump when you try to remove your site and this is what it says: "Basically a back link is a link from another site back to your own - hence the term "back link". The search engines count the number, importance and relevance of back links to assess the quality of site in providing the information for which a searcher is looking."

In my opinion this is sleazy and Google SEO will not count these types of back links anyway. Furthermore, no one ever needs to click back to your site as your blog is posted in it's entirety on their ad laden site. You can see what mine looks like here: (I've requested them to remove my blog, so that link will work only until they comply. See updates below for how long it takes for them to comply...).

Phone: Blogger-Index SUPPORT: (646) 499-6931

UPDATE 3/28 - On 3/25 I submitted via the form above to have my blog taken off their site. This is the form they give us to have our sites removed. It has been 3 days and my site is still not removed from their site. I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE 3/29 - Still posted on Blogger-Index. No response to their own form to remove my blog. It's just creepy. Sent an email to as posted on their Privacy Policy page.

UPDATE 3/29 PM - Google is cracking down on these back link mills: Google Cracking Down on “Unnatural” Links, Deindexing Blog Networks Thank you Google!

UPDATE 3/30 - Still no response to their own form to remove my blog. 6 days.

UPDATE 3/31 - Still no response to their own form to remove my blog. 7 days.

UPDATE 4/1 - Still no response to their own form to remove my blog. 8 days. Requested again.

UPDATE 4/2 - Blog has been removed. 9 days.

More good info here: How to report Sites that copy your Blog Content

12/5/2014 - SEE ALSO: Report Scraped Content to Google - New Form!

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  1. I have the same problem. I'll send the form and an e-mail to he company.

    Thank you for the information.


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