Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to report "Google Search" Problems

Here's where you can report issues with Google Search. I especially like the choices, "The results included spam" and "The results included a page that was irrelevant").

Google Search

Here's what the form looks like on that web page:

"Give us feedback

Please click the category that best matches your feedback.
Based on the category you choose, we'll try to get your feedback to the appropriate team. While we can't respond to most entries, we take your feedback seriously and will use it to continuously make Google better.

Google's search results weren't helpful.

 I had a bad experience with a website I found on Google.

 I want to add my site to Google or update my site's listing.

 I have a suggestion or want to share positive feedback.

None of the above? Try the Web Search Help Forum."

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