Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Laptop - No Warning for Low Battery

My Sony Vaio VGN-Z610Y does not warn me when the battery is low. I have to think to look at the little power icon in the system tray. Usually I miss seeing that the battery is too low, and my machine just shuts down at the critical point before I can do anything about it (like remembering to plug in the power). My old machine would indicate a low battery with sound and a visual that would pop up in the middle of the screen. I'd like to get those reminders here on this machine.

Any suggestions?

I'm trying this today:

In the control panel, select VAIO Control Center, Power Options ("Configure energy-saving settings on your computer"), Low batter option: uncheck "Automatically enter Hibernate mode when battery is low" Will let you know what happens... Will I now get a warning instead of a 'shut down'? UPDATE: No still no good warning.

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