Sunday, September 12, 2010

Google Chrome - "Print Selection" Grayed Out - Print Selection Now Works!!!

UPDATE 8/18/2011: DANG. It's happened again. Print selection is NOT available. My version: 13.0.782.112. History below tells me there's nothing I can do until a new version of Chrome. Geeze Google.

UPDATE 10/10/2010: Looks like Chrome upgrades itself as my version is now:  7.0.517.41.  Print selection and all else works still!

UPDATE 9/12/2010: Print Selection now works! I didn't update Chrome, it just started working. My Chrome version: 6.0.472.55.

UPDATE 8/3/2010:  "Install the DEV CHANNEL of Chrome. The following link will bring you to a page where you can install the DEV CHANNEL, and get "print selection"."

Beware this is a development installation which means it's not a public release. You may find 'other' issues (e.g. my Blogger extension no longer works).  The print selection fix will be installed in the next public release as well.

8/3/2010 - Later that day... Ummmm. OK.  Just reinstalled the non-dev version as too many other things not working yet.  It just depends on what you want - print selection, or everything else.  I can't do without everything else, and I'd already compensated with good options for print selection so that is why I reverted.  Will wait for public release.

I've become used to not having the print selection feature and this is what I do to compensate:
1-Highlight your selection, copy/paste to notepad, print.
2-Install the IE tab.  Then you can click the icon to open the IE tab and copy/paste the URL.  Print/selection works in this tab.
3-This is great! Add "Print Friendly" to your bookmarks.  Clicking the bookmark brings your selection into a pop-up box where you can also "remove images" by simply checking a box, and then print.

Not as easy, but works.

UPDATE 5/18/10: "Future dev channel releases will have this fix, as will beta and stable releases of 6.0 when those happen."
I love Google Chrome - it is fast and the interface is by far the best browser design IMO.

But alas, I'm completely frustrated without the option to "Print Selection".  I tweeted back in Oct'09 that finally Chrome had Print Selection, and it did!  But I upgraded to the latest version (4x) sometime in Jan'10, and that option is now grayed out again. :(  I tried a system rollback but find that even the latest restore point has the "upgraded" browser.  It is truly a sad day.  Sigh.

You can follow this issue on Chromium's project queue here:  Issue# 22937

I also follow this thread Issue# 1682.  This thread is no longer updated by Chromium but people still enter useful comments from time-to-time.

And here's Google Chrome Release Notes site.

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