Friday, January 29, 2010

Get into Safe Mode!

To get into Safe mode, reboot and press the F8 key right before Windows starts up.  If you can't get into safe mode this way, here is the alternative method I use:
  • Click the Start Button
  • Type “msconfig” in the search box
  • Select “msconfig”
  • A “System Configuration” window will open
  • Select the “Boot” tab in the Boot Options section
  • Check the “Safe Boot/Minimal” check box
  • Restart
  • This will put you in “Safe Mode” with large icons and “Safe Mode” showing on all four corners of the screen (you may have to enter your password to get in).
  • Complete whatever your task is (possibly Restart again), then go back to “msconfig”, and uncheck the “Safe Boot” box, and restart. Should boot normally.
Thanks to How to Geek and Larry!


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